Lime Render Sand (sharp sand)

Choosing the correct sand when making lime mortar is extremely important.

A good render sand should be a washed silica beach sand with sharp angular grains to ensure the best bonding qualities. Avoid sand contaminated with clay/silt.

Render sand used should be well graded with a range of grain sizes, which for most plaster, render and mortar work will range from 1mm down to 75 micron. Sands with more than 4% contamination of silt/clay after wet sieve testing is not recommended for use in render sand.

Soft building sands should be avoided because the rounded grain shape is not optimal for render. Using building sand in lime mortar will lead to longer setting time, possibility or shrinkage, lime leaching and more sensitivity to adverse weather conditions.

Sands are mostly responsible for the void structure of lime mortars, and therefore, for its vapour permeability which is vital to avoid accumulation of condensation.

It is for this reason that well graded sands are recommended. Our sharp angular silica sand will provide you with an optimum void structure for lime mortar. Good quality lime render sand promotes better adhesion.


2mm to Dust

Cubic Volume:

1 ton = 0.55m3


1 ton = 5.5m2 at 100mm thickness