EqueTurf Pro Sport

Builds stamina and aerobic strength

Ideal for show jumping and busy yards

Premium dry premixed riding arena surface. Using a combination of our silica sand, pure polyester fine Hair Fibre, Poly Chop Fibre and Poly Pro synthetic Fibre, designed for increased traffic loads. This has a greater hair fibre content to our EqueTurf All Sports mix to improve structure for high levels of show jumping. Please note, this is an unwaxed surface, and may need irrigation during dry spells. A wax top-coating can be applied post-installation during the life of this surface. An ideal surface for busy yards, competition centres and professional trainers.

An excellent surface for medium to high use.

EqueTurf All Sport Mix

Fully synthetic sand and Fibre arena surface

Top selling year-round multi-purpose surface

Fully synthetic sand and fibre arena surface designed with the medium sized yard in mind. We use sub-angular super fine silica sand mixed with the EqueTurf Poly Pro and EqueTurf Poly Chop to create a stable yet cushioned ride condition. Its ease of maintenance and ability to withstand increased traffic loads without tracking makes it an ideal surface for those looking for an all-day- every-day professional level surface. This is a non-waxed surface so may need irrigation during dry periods.

A wax coating can be applied to the top of this surface post-installation.

EqueTurf Dressage Mix

Equeturf Dressage mix is a sand, fibre and wax dressage surface. It has a dough like consistency that remains firm and stable to allow the horse to travel over the surface rather than through it. It is the ultimate surface for those who are serious about their flatwork and need a firm, yet cushioned level dressage surface to work on.

The EqueTurf Dressage surface is manufactured using a sub-angular super fine silica sand. When mixed with the wax, the sand absorbs it to form the dough like consistency. The fine EqueTurf Hair Fibre and EqueTurf PolyPro give the surface extreme cushion.

“EqueTurf Dressage is fantastic to ride on, you can actually feel the energy from it through the horses” Camilla Spears, Irish Event Rider