Q. Where do you deliver sand and fibre additives to?

A. We deliver and construct nationwide. You can now order fibre deliveries directly from our website here .

Q. What sand should I use for my arena/gallop?

A. Genuine Wexford sand is the best equestrian sand and is used by Ireland’s equestrian leaders. We also use this silica sand as the basis for our EqueTurf premixes Wexford sand has sub-angular, rounded, particles. The sharp edges of these particles have been worn away, meaning particles do not stick together easily, leading to less compaction, more cushioning and easy maintenance.

Q. What riding surface should I use for each sport?

A. EqueTurf All Sport is our most popular premix. This is a multi-purpose surface with low maintenance required and a capacity to take high work levels.

EqueTurf Dressage is the best surface for a dressage arena. This is a sand, fibre and wax combination surface and gives a firm, yet cushioned level dressage surface. This surface is used by Camilla Speirs.

For jumping, the EqueTurf Pro Sport premix has a greater hair fibre content to improve structure for high levels of show jumping.

Q. What depth should my gallop/arena surface be?

A. We advise 5 to 8 inches for an arena and 10 to 13 inches for gallop for sand. This depth will differ depending on your traffic on the surface and whether you use fibre additives.

Q. How long should my gallop/arena last?

A. We offer a two-year guarantee on arena constructions. With the correct maintenance, our arena or gallop surfaces last up to ten years.

Q. How do I make my arena sand/gallop surface last longer?

A. Consider the surface type and ensure it suits the type of work and level of use.

     Remove droppings, pick out hooves before use and take out organic matter such as leaves.

     Consider a surface additive like fibre mixes.

Q. What range of harrows and maintenance equipment do you offer?

A. Our range of ATV and tractor harrows are here . The type of harrow will depend on your type of surface and the work you practice on this.

Q. How do I bring a spring back into my arena?

A. Move your show jumps

     Condition the take-off and landing spots

     Using a rake, bring material from the outside edges of the arena into high traffic areas

     Consider adding to the surface

Q. How do I know if my site is right for an arena or gallop?

A. Consider the location carefully, the desired gradient, accessibility, surrounding noise or visual distractions and drainage. Our team work with Ireland’s leading equestrian businesses and help them find the best site for their use. Call John to discuss your options on (053) 912 7866 .

Q. Should I use a waxed coating for my surface?

A. A waxed coated surface means less work for you. This coating means that you will not need to water your surface and the structure will hold better than an unwaxed surface. We offer waxed options of our surfaces.

Q. How long does delivery take?

A. We endeavor to have all items shipped within five working days, subject to availability.

Q. Do Gabion baskets come with stone?

A. No. Gabions fill 1.7 tonnes of quarry stone per 1x1x1 cube gabion.