Our Equeturf range of fibres can be added to your riding surface to give it the necessary cushioning and adhesion structure.  We offer fibres suitable for new and existing riding surfaces and all budgets.  We can supply only or install for you at a very reasonable rate.  Please contact us for a free consultation on which fibre would be best for you – we offer straightforward advice with no obligation.

Hair Fibre

For those on a budget, your arena can be noticeably improved and have its’ life significantly extended with this product.  A single bale of our hair fibre will treat a 20×40 arena. Equitech hair fibre helps improve surfaces that are “too sloppy” as it acts as an efficient binder used to tighten the surface structure.   It works well with other additives to bind the components together. It is a very cost efficient product to provide a tight and stable footing to ride on.


Poly Pro

Fully traceable, post industrial carpet fibre. We NEVER use old, questionable household carpet! Because our carpet comes straight from the factory, you can be ensured that you and your horse are not breathing in nasty contaminated dust and glue. Please ask for a sample and compare.



We have sourced the highest quality, heavy duty synthetic felt. We source our material only from fully traceable post industrial materials. The fibre is a pale neutral colour and it is chopped to the ideal size for equestrian usage. We recommend Equeturf Poly Chop to reduce the depth of ride, as it improves structure and cushioning in all riding arena surfaces.

Pure polyester felt chopped into random sized pieces.  This is a premier riding arena fibre additive used for top-level performance sport globally including theAthens 2004 Olympics Games.  Unlike many other fibres, because it is pure polyester it has high tensile strength and durability.

Apprearance-wise it complements the sand component of your arena.  It offers excellent energy return and cushioning and also traps moisture to keep the sand firm, and reducing the need for irrigation.