Consists of: G90 is a general-purpose woven geotextile for use as a drainage filter and separator in all types of civil engineering, building and landfill projects. G90 is used below access roads (both temporary and permanent) to create a firm base on which to place the crushed stone foundation layer. G90 is also used in construction of equestrian arenas as a separator membrane between the sub-base layer and the drainage layer to prevent blocking of the drainage system and to keep the surface separate from the sub-base. G90 is also used to line drainage trenches to prevent the fine soil particles from blocking the filter stone. The woven geotextile is a high performance filter that will allow all the water through whilst at the same time preventing the passage of soil particles.



Ideal for: Equestrian arenas, land drains, paving, weed control, driveways, pathways, root barriers etc.


Availability: Rolls of 2.25 x 100m (225m2) or 4.5 x 100m (450m2)


Minimum Order Quantity: 1 x Roll (2.25 x 100m)