Geo Textile Fibres

University of New Hampshire Footing Study
January 7, 2017

Geo Textile Fibres

Geo textile carpet fibres and recycled fibres make up the new age of footing. Fibres have

been used for many years in footing and turf to help strengthen and stabilize the footing.

However, after many years of trial and error with different types and applications of fibre, the

final years of real research and development have us on the forefront.

Since there are many different types and sources of fibre, we have found that at times often

a blend works best. Jessica Harrington Racing has had great success with their inoor arena,

again this year the footing received rave reviews, from riders, trainers and the course


Quality fibre blends can be used as an amendment to improve cushion and stability in

existing footing. This is best achieved by using the correct sand, which should be angular in

shape and extremely fine in texture. It is also important to recognize that the type of blend

used and the installation of the blend are integral for achieving the best results. Geo textile

and strand fibres cut at the correct length and size have proven to help most any footing;

when blended into the sand, the fibre creates a consistent and forgiving surface. The Geo

textile fibres can be mixed with high quality Wexford Sand to create a custom surface. Silica

Sand and fibre have proven to be popular in the horse show world. However, too many of a

certain type of fibre will create a footing that is very firm without any give; there is a fine line

for these blends.

Fibres help to rejuvenate and stabilize an old footing, which will then add life to the footing

instead of having to replace the footing. Adding fibres to existing footing creates cushion

without depth, which is the biggest bonus that fibres provide.

It is also important to note that when producing new footing, sand and fibre alone will not

make a quality footing; however, the proper blend engineered to the discipline of the user will

create a footing that has tremendous traction, stability and cushion while having very good

durability and low maintenance.

Fibres are an additive; they will help extend the life of an older arena by not needing to add

additional sand causing more depth, therefore fibres are a great additive, with additive being

the correct word of choice. Fibres are not a footing; they are an additive that when used and

installed correctly can help create a very good footing. We can improve your old footing or

create a new footing that will last for many years.

John Ormonde of John Ormonde Wexford Sand Ltd, has been using fibres for the last 15

years in many of his footing blends. The footing industry has followed many trends some

better than others. At the moment, adding fibre is one of the best cost-effective additives on

the market and is proving to be an excellent trend. John Ormonde Wexford Sand Ltd has

many cost-effective ways to improve your arena. Obviously, our most popular dust-free

footing Equitech is also one of our best footings, offering excellent traction, stability, cushion

and longevity. Now over ten years old, this footing blend has been improved upon

tremendously due to all our research and development.

John Ormonde Wexford Sand Ltd offers many different types of footing from completely

dust free to some of the best sand and fibre blends. Please feel free to contact us here for

more information.